The Christmas Book: Neiman’s or The Denison Forum’s
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Neiman Marcus just released their Christmas Book for 2013. Suffice it to say that Jim won’t need to see a copy. It is, however, a LOT of fun to browse. I typically shop at the outlet mall and while I am sure the Gucci python boots are the height of fashion, at $3,300, they are the height of something else as well! The “Christmas Book” is a Neiman Marcus tradition, but we have a Christmas tradition here at the Denison Forum as well.

I write an Advent Book for our ministry each year and we began taking orders for the 2013 edition this week. But, just in case you are wondering how our devotional compares to Neiman’s catalog, here are a few similarities and differences:

1.  Neiman’s is selling any number of things that people will look forward to giving and receiving for Christmas. Our Advent devotional this year is titled “Looking Forward to Christmas.” Jesus is a gift that has already been given – but many have never taken the chance to receive him. Maybe this is the year they will receive the most important gift of their lives.

2.  This year’s Neiman’s catalog offers the “Lean Machine.” The catalog reads, “Morning exercise will become far less routine, thanks to your new Cicolotte.” It is described as the “modern spin on the exercise bicycle” and you can enjoy that modern spin for just $11,000. (Your spouse’s head is probably going to take a spin when the bill arrives as well.) You could purchase Advent devotionals for every person you send a Christmas card to for far less than $11,000. We want the devotional to change a lot of people’s “morning routines” this Christmas as they spend time each day thinking about the Messiah.

2013 Advent Devotional by Janet Denison

3.  The Christmas Book has an offer for someone to be a very lucky guest at The Glass House. The Glass House is in New Canaan, Connecticut and is the weekend residence of Philip Johnson, a world-renowned architect. Looking Forward to Christmas is about someone who resided in the “old” Canaan. Every Christmas we offer people the chance to be very lucky guests at the manger, surrounded by shepherds and angels. The Bethlehem cave was architected by God, who is world-renowned as well. The Glass House experience will cost you and your 10 guests $30,000 for one night. The Bethlehem experience is free for you and as many guests as you would bring. And by the way, the baby in the manger has another offer for you as well. That mansion is made available for you to stay eternally.
4.  Finally, if none of the gifts above come close to expressing your great love and affection, I would suggest the 2014 Aston Martin Volante on page 44. It can go from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds. That is going to be very important, because your spouse will need to be rushed to the hospital and admitted with chest pain and you should consider admitting yourself for a psychiatric evaluation. That car costs: $344,500. (And I don’t think they included the tax, either!) On the other hand, the Advent Devotional will hopefully fill your heart with the joy of the season, peace for the holiday and love for the One who was born to be King.

Place your orders here and look forward to spending time each day of the Advent season with Jesus. (A reminder: Each of our donors are mailed a copy as our gift of thanks, and just need to order additional copies.) 

Christmas has grown to be about so many things that have nothing to do with Christ. Looking Forward to Christmas is our way at the Denison Forum of reminding our readers that Jesus was the gift that proves, “God so loved the world…” (John 3:16).

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