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Psalm 119: The ABC’s of a Faithful Life

Starts January 10

God’s word is powerful and has the ability to impact every circumstance we experience, every thought we have, or every decision we experience here on earth. Psalm 119 is the perfect place to discover the unfailing truth of the Creator of the universe—truths he ensured we would have through the Holy Bible.

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Foundations Bible Studies

Foundations with Janet Denison exists to teach people about the transforming power of Scripture through digital Bible study. We are dedicated to helping people learn how to study the Bible and apply God’s truth to their lives.

Psalm 119

The ABC’s of a Faithful Life

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Meet Janet

Janet Denison has been writing and teaching Bible study for almost forty years. She often says the reason she gets out of bed each day is to help others understand and apply the truth of God’s word to their daily lives.  Her great joy is helping others learn how to live a life God is able to bless.

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