Studies on Discipleship from the Book of Matthew

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The Life of Jesus

The gospel according to Matthew echoes the same invitation to us today that Matthew heard directly from Jesus two thousand years ago. Discipleship is answering the call to “Follow me” just as Matthew answered Jesus affirmatively and wholeheartedly with his entire life.

This 24-week study is written to help each of us learn through the pages of Matthew’s gospel how to be a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ and to further the Kingdom of heaven until Jesus returns.

This plan releases on September 18th.


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The Life of Jesus: Studies on Discipleship from the Book of Matthew, follows the life of Jesus and lessons he taught on discipleship. This digital resource includes FREE weekly videos too! Make sure to get your digital study e-book before September 15th. 

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Studies on Discipleship from the Book of Matthew

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Meet Janet

Janet Denison has been writing and teaching Bible study for almost forty years. She often says the reason she gets out of bed each day is to help others understand and apply the truth of God’s word to their daily lives.  Her great joy is helping others learn how to live a life God is able to bless.

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