Robin Roberts and Lucimarian Roberts – Quiet Strength

I used to hold babies and watch Good Morning America.  Now my babies are grown, married men – but I still like to catch the show when I can.   I have been a fan of Robin Roberts for quite some time.  She is quick, funny and respectful when she interviews someone.  I remember the morning she was talking about her grandmother who had passed away.  She said that each person in her family had been allowed to choose something from her grandmother’s possessions.  Robin chose her grandmother’s favorite devotional.  When she held it up, I noticed that it was a copy of Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest.  Jim and I have read that devotional for years and I highly recommend it.  There have been other times when I noticed Robin was a woman of faith, even though she has only recently been vocal about that.  In the news business, people try to maintain a perception of objectivity.  Life has dealt Robin some tough blows lately and I’ve been impressed with her honesty and her quiet strength.  Robin Roberts was interviewed on the 700 Club about her book, From the Heart.  Robin said she started writing that book because she wanted to turn back to her roots, and once again consider the faith she had been brought up with.  Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst.  She had pursued her career with all of her energy, time and passion.  She had begun to lose touch with her family and her roots because she was so focused on becoming a successful journalist.  Robin said going home to Mississippi and seeing the devastation left by Katrina caused her to question her faith, and then rediscover it.  She realized that her success meant nothing if she didn’t have her family to share it with.  I’m glad Robin Roberts has a renewed faith and knows to seek God for her strength.  She will need his strength for the days ahead.

Robin was diagnosed with cancer, went through the difficult treatment, and was doing well.  I had noticed she didn’t look well awhile back, so I wasn’t completely surprised when she made the announcement that her cancer treatment had caused a significant issue with her blood.  She will undergo a stem cell transplant sometime soon.  But not until she buries her beloved mom, Lucimarian Roberts, who passed away the day Robin was supposed to begin her leave from Good Morning America.  Even with the profound grief for her mom and concern over her stem-cell treatment, Robin has chosen to be strong and she has chosen to allow the world to glimpse her faith in God.  Robin needs prayers, for her health and for her witness.  A lot of people are watching her journey right now because by any standards, she has been handed a tough road to walk.   I am praying that when her television fans see her strength, they will see the power of God. And I pray they will consider Christianity as an option for their own life. 

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{/source}Robin’s mom is in heaven with Robin’s dad.  Her sister, Sally Ann, is able to donate her stem-cells for the necessary treatment.  Robin and her sister both give God the glory that those stem cells were a perfect match.  Robin has a Christian family who will hold her up during these difficult days.  Pray that the world will see God’s presence when they see Robin’s strength.  And for all of us – even though our influence is much smaller than the popular, morning talk show host – we are equally called to let our own light shine.  Jesus looked at his disciples and said, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).  Jesus wants his disciples today to understand that same truth.  You and I are called to carry his light to our world.

Chris Rice used to do the music at our church’s youth camps.  I loved the fact that his life was a witness for Christ just as much as his music.  He has written a lot of popular songs for Christian radio.  Take a minute and use this video, Go Light Your World by Chris Rice, to spend a few moments with the Lord.  I hope the song will encourage you to be the light of Christ for someone else today.

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