Bill Nye – can science lie?
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{/source}Bill Nye the Science Guy was a popular Disney/PBS show in the 90’s.  William Sanford Nye, the show’s host, is a brilliant man and taught an entire generation science lessons.  His lessons were often used, via television and video, in classrooms across the country.  He retired from that program in 1998 and this past year has been speaking in favor of President Obama’s educational program.  He made the news this week when he was quoted as saying, “Creationism is not appropriate” and “Teaching kids creationism undermines both them and the United States.”  Bill Nye feels that creationism is no longer a viable world view, saying that two hundred years from now, no one will believe it.  Therefore, if we teach this world view to our children, we will harm them intellectually and harm our country’s perception with the scientific world.  How do we tell the young adults of today, who were brought up to trust Bill Nye the science guy as a great teacher, that he is wrong about God?  The larger question may be, how do you teach your kids to respect their teachers if you have to teach them not to believe what the teacher is saying?  Bill Nye said, “Parents: you can believe in creationism if you want to, but don’t make your kids believe that.”  Bill Nye genuinely believes that children who believe that God created the world will be disadvantaged in the days ahead.  I think Bill Nye may be right about that.

For many years I have taught moms to be aware of the cultural trends and parent accordingly.  Children today are being taught differently than their parents were taught and exposed to much more through the television and internet.  Christianity is becoming less and less respected as a belief system.  Will your children be willing to stand for God, if it means they are considered less intelligent, less tolerant, less “scientific”?  It may be necessary in the future.  But they can be prepared to defend their faith.  There are many intelligent people, and scientists, that would disagree with Bill Nye.

The evolution -vs – creationism argument has been around for awhile.  i remember my science teacher explaining Darwin’s theories and showing us pictures that indicated that some monkeys evolved into human beings.  Those lessons were, let’s just say more than 40 years ago.  Science has been trying to prove that theory for a long time, there is still no proof that human beings evolved from apes.  Remember when we were taught about “Cro-Magnon” man?  That term isn’t even used anymore because many of the early theories about Cro-Magnons are no longer considered valid science. 

There are other scientific theories that have “come and gone” as well.  Scientists believed that a planet, which they named Vulcan, existed between Mercury and the Sun in the mid 1800’s.  There were Vulcan sightings, and amateur astronomers were interested in studying it.  Today, the only real legacy of the non-existent planet is that it inspired the name of the home planet for the character Spock on Star Trek.  Spontaneous Generation was Aristotle’s theory and widely taught as truth.  Louis Pasteur and the invention of the microscope disproved that theory.  People used to believe that the Earth was expanding.  That hypothesis has not been proven wrong, but was replaced with a more sophisticated theory called tectonics.  The Martian canals were “discovered” on the Red Planet in 1877 and an Italian astronomer created quite a stir when he said he believed them to be a sophisticated system of irrigation by an intelligent, unknown species.  Remember the show, “My Favorite Martian?”  John Locke and Sigmund Freud believed human beings were born as blank slates.  In other words, everything we know is a result of an experience.  So…genetics and instinct don’t exist.  Obviously they had never met my husband’s children.  Because I KNOW I didn’t teach them some of that stuff! 

My point:  Scientific theories come and go.  Bill Nye believes that two hundred years from now no one will believe in Creationism.  I’d take that bet.   Maybe he and I can get cryogenically frozen, then thawed two hundred years from now, and he can pay up.  Never mind.  I think I’ll just head to heaven, meet the Creator and try to remember it isn’t polite to say, “Told you so!!!” 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) People have known God existed – ALWAYS!  The fact He can’t be proven by test tubes and theories just makes me more certain He exists.  God is so much bigger than what a human mind, even a brilliant, human mind can comprehend.  I hope Bill Nye, the science guy figures that out – before he gets his proof!

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