Pray for Tim Tebow to stay strong

Tim Tebow had a bad pre-season game last Saturday.  The New York Jets lost, and looked bad doing it.  But this blog post isn’t about Tim Tebow’s ability to play football.  There have been many reports about him that are not directed at his ability, but his character.  Recently a report was made about some locker room hazing that his team planned.  We need to pray for Tim Tebow.  Tim has been vocal about his faith, his choice to live biblically chaste, and has lived out that example to his teammates and the media.  He is appreciated and valued by many of us, but he is constantly a target for the talk show hosts and the people who love to hate anything Christian. Christians, especially those of us who live in the Bible Belt, need to accept the fact that we are now out-numbered and out-influenced by the non-Christian population.  And we live in a nation that defines bullying as humor, hazing, or just good-natured, good ol’ boy fun.  What do we do?  Tim Tebow is providing some answers!

I looked to find articles about Tebow’s response to the media frenzy that surrounds him.  The only information I could find on the internet was about an instance of locker room hazing.  The story mentioned something about some offensive situations that some Jets’ players were concocting, meant to put Tebow in some embarassing situations.  And I’m sure the cell phone cameras would have been ready to snap pictures.  Why couldn’t I find more information about this?  Because Tim Tebow is not answering those questions, or using the media to complain about his teammates.  Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Which sin has Christ refused to forgive us for?  So, what sin are we allowed to withhold forgiveness for?  Both questions have the same answer…none.  Tim Tebow has chosen the high road where this hazing is concerned.  Pray that God will strengthen him to remain on that high road.  And pray all of us will follow that example in our own lives.

Tim Tebow’s choice to remain a virgin until marriage has been fodder for many who make a living writing jokes.  I think there is no one more tired of hearing those jokes than the subject of them.  I have literally never seen or heard of even one instance when Tim Tebow has lost his patience and retaliated where the media is concerned.  That is pretty amazing, and unfortunately rare.  I think that is why there is such a media frenzy surrounding him.  Everyone wants to be the first to cause him or catch him being “human.”  And that is why we need to pray.  He is human.  He probably will make a mistake because we all do.  I don’t worry about him being tempted to have a non-Christian relationship with a woman.  I think he has settled that decision.  Pray for the millions and millions of Christians who have allowed the world to convince them that those values are ancient and irrelevant for our day.  The Bible is ancient, but it is NEVER irrelevant.  Tim Tebow is choosing to live with biblical values.  Pray that God will give him strength to maintain those values, even with the incredible pressure he is placed under.  The media frenzy is being used by God to show that Christians are called to live by higher values.  While people may joke about that, we can maintain our witness in such a way, that Satan finds the joke was on him!  Pray that all of us will live with biblical values.  We are called to forgive sin, but never to condone it.

Lastly, to all the parents who read this post.  Pray for Tim as you would pray for your child.  Tim Tebow’s mom and dad did a GREAT job raising their son, but he just turned 25 years old.  He is young, but spiritually, he is much more mature than his years.  Why is that?  Tim Tebow didn’t ever have to wonder if what the Bible teaches was right, wrong or relevant.  His parents taught him what the Bible said, and then taught him, by example, to follow what the Bible said.  Are we doing the same thing for our kids?  Your life is the loudest sermon you will ever preach, especially to your kids.  Let’s not make choices because we have forgiveness, let’s make choices that don’t need forgiveness. 

Pray for Tim Tebow.  He needs it, he deserves it, and his mom and dad would be grateful for it.  Then pray for a friend’s child who needs and deserves prayer too.

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