Janet Denison for President – I’ll need eight years

My favorite campaign slogan of all time was used by Kinky Friedman in 2010.  He was running for governor of Texas and his posters read, “Kinky Friedman for Governor – How Hard Could It Be?”  I didn’t vote for Mr. Friedman, but I sure tried my best to get one of those posters!

It seems that our country is not overly enthused about any of our potential candidates – or at least there isn’t one who seems to be overwhelmingly popular.  I’m thinking if there was a box to check that said, “WHATEVER!”, there would be a lot of people who placed their “X” there.  So, given the current climate of indecision, I’m going to throw my name in the race.  One thing you can count on is this, if you ask me a question – I will give you a straight answer.  It is all right if you disagree – this is America.  The reason we vote is because we have an opinion.  I would just like people to tell me what they truly stand for, so I can know whether to vote for them or not.  A person with no opinions, or weak opinions, shouldn’t be running for President of the United States.  He or she should run for president of something less important.
I don’t have a lot of diplomatic skills, so if I am President I will ask the other nations of the world to give us some time off.  We can’t take care of everyone else for a few years because we have to work on some significant issues in our own country.  It is time for some other nations to take up the slack and chip in.  We will be back soon, better and stronger, if we have some time to focus on our own problems. 

While diplomacy is not my strength, budgeting is.  We are spending more than we are bringing in and that needs to stop.  People in this country think buying things on credit is no big deal.  It is.  There are people who cheat and abuse our nation.  They need to change or live somewhere else.  If we don’t have the money – we simply can’t afford it.  If we misbehave we should expect to lose privileges, lots of them.  The budget and behavior is why I will need to be president for eight years.  It will take time to get the budget balanced and character strengthened. 

How would I accomplish change in eight years?  I would strongly urge Americans to follow God’s Laws, and strongly discipline those that did not.  If everyone in America would simply agree to live with Biblical standards for the next eight years, we can pay off our debt.  Actually, we might get it done sooner.  If so, I would like the option to resign and have a special election so someone else could take my place.  (I grew up in California and the thought of those cold winters in Washington D.C. is daunting!)

Here is my simple platform:

1.  Everyone has one year to get with the program.  By year two, people need to be obedient to Biblical standards or accept consequences. 

2.  2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”  Everyone will need to work, if they want to eat.  A large number of jobs will be created by my government policies, because I don’t want any American to go hungry.  But let me say up front, you might not like the jobs I will create as much as the jobs you might find on your own.  And you won’t go hungry, but I can’t say that you will enjoy the food that is provided as much as the food you might choose with your own money.  (Of course, if you absolutely can’t work, you will be cared for well – but don’t lie about it, it won’t go well for you.)

3.  Proverbs 23:19-21 says, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”  Obesity is the number one problem in our health industry right now.  Just last week I saw an advertisement for a hamburger with three pounds of meat, fried green tomatoes and fried onion rings!  REALLY??!!!  So…it is time for Americans to eat right and get healthy.  And I wonder how many people are in trouble today because of alcohol problems?  Imagine a country with no more drunk drivers – or all of the other problems that alcohol causes in life.  So, while I’m president, I will need everyone to quit overeating and getting drunk.  Our health care industry will be dramatically affected, and we will save a FORTUNE in government healthcare costs, not to mention other heartaches.  The money the citizens will save on food and alcohol can be used for better things!  While I’m at it…no more cigarettes either.  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and He needs fresh air!

OK…obviously I can’t put my entire campaign strategy in one blog.  I’ll finish my thoughts in the next one.  Until then, focus on living godly today.  Live with Biblical standards and teach them to the coming generation.  You will be miles ahead by Inauguration Day!

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