Will America walk with the Lord?
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My American flag is flying this week in front of the house.  I have always loved Independence Day.  I love fireworks, hotdogs, friends, parades, patriotism and the big band anthems.  But this year, my soul is quiet as well.

Are you praying with us for our nation?  Are you receiving Anne Graham Lotz’s messages, 777 An Urgent Call for Prayer, from AnGeL Ministries?  If not, it isn’t too late to begin.  Are you preparing to spend seven hours in fasting and prayer for our nation on July 7th?  As I said in my blog post last Thursday, I think this is a unique moment for our country.  We will celebrate our history and be proud of what our country has been.  Even more, we need to pray and call God’s people to a renewed commitment to him as King.  Most of us are citizens of the United States, but our higher and more important allegiance is to, “Our Father, who art in heaven.  Hallowed be his name.

World history according to Scripture, and according to records of historical events, teach this single great truth.  Nations rise and nations fall.  Nations walked with God and were blessed, then walked away from God and his blessing.  Sometimes a country would repent and return to God, and his blessing was, once again, poured out on his faithful ones.  Will America?

How does a world power repent?  First, we will have to realize there is no such thing.  Our hope is not in our armed forces, not in our advanced weaponry, not in our financial strength, not in our politicians and most certainly not in our culture.  Our hope is in the Lord.  Our hope is that we can be a people God can bless.  The only world power is God, and we need to humble ourselves and recognize that fact.

I recently rediscovered this verse from Micah 4:5.  It says, “All the nations may walk in the name of their gods, but we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever.”   I hope next July 4th, if the Lord tarries, that verse will be our “national anthem.”  But even if it isn’t our national anthem, it can be the anthem of the redeemed.

God, make us holy, Spirit-led citizens of heaven.  May we walk in your name, forever and ever.

For thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever… Amen.

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