Help us launch the new website

We have been working hard this summer, and the new venture of Denison Forum is almost ready to go. aspires to engage, equip, and encourage parents to raise children who will know and love God and strive to fulfill his purpose for their lives. (Can you tell I’ve been working on the official vision statement?)

We are very excited about the launch of the site in a few weeks. If you haven’t yet signed up to be the first to hear of the launch, you can do so at

Before the site goes live, I need to ask for your help. The new site will include a community forum for parents to give and gain ideas for a variety of different parenting subjects. Would you be willing to help us test the site by providing a conversation to post at launch?

Here’s how it will work: Using the comment section, please write a short answer to the question below. Keep in mind that your comment will probably be posted to the new website, so only provide a first name. That’s it! Thank you for your help—this is an important topic and I hope this conversation will help kickstart Remember, keep your answers as short and interesting as possible, and be genuine and honest. We are keeping it real!

Thank you.

Today’s question:

If God gave you one parenting do over – what would you choose and why?

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