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Join our celebration! Come visit and invite your friends to I will never doubt that this site was God’s idea because he provided for us every step of the way. I hope you will spend some time looking around the site. We have lots of authors, ideas, articles and everything you see has been created and donated to this site by people who want to help parents.

Over the past several years I have been asked questions by young parents that caused me to realize that the changes in our culture have had some profound affects on parenting, especially on Christian parents. A few of those questions:

• Should I send my son to Boy Scouts now that they allow homosexual leaders?

• Should I send my children to public or private Christian schools?

• I don’t allow my child to have a cell phone and the other parents are telling me I’m wrong.  What do you think?

• I found my son looking at pornography on the Internet. He has to have a computer for school, so how should I discipline that?

• My daughter says she is the only virgin in college and wants to know why I think abstinence is necessary.

• Should I take my children to my niece’s wedding to her lesbian partner?

• My college student has begun to doubt the existence of God and the need for faith in Christ. Is there a book he could read?

Parenting is a joyous, complicated, fascinating, irritating, entertaining, and important job. Even parents who work to prepare for a child look at their newborn infant and wonder what in the world to do with it during a 3 a.m. crying jag. Children come home from school or church with questions we don’t know how to answer. Older tweens and teens face all kinds of new challenges with technology, social media, and cultural standards. Empty nesters want to know how to stay connected to their children and grandchildren in ways “other than” the cell phone or computer.

The most common place for parents to seek help today is the Internet. We believe that will be a safe place for parents to find wisdom, humor, good theology, and practical help for parenting their children through these exciting, challenging days.

I will continue to write one blog post a week for, and I will add a weekly column called ParentProps for the new site. You can subscribe to ParentProps at if you want to receive it. I’ve always been a huge fan of Erma Bombeck because she taught wisdom using humor. One of my parenting mottos was this: Would I laugh or would I feel embarrassed when my kids goofed up in front of others? I decided that if I was going to tell the story and laugh about it later, I might as well go ahead and enjoy it right away. If it is funny in three months, it can be funny today too. I’ve passed that idea on to several other preachers’ wives over the years. This column will be fun to write. will handle tough subjects as well. Parents still have many of the same questions every generation runs into, but with the advent of the Internet and other technology, the changes in television and movies, and with the new statistics about the American family—this generation is facing some unique challenges. And God is big enough to handle every one of them.

God is the only perfect parent. Thankfully, God is available every moment of every day to help us in our imperfections. Our prayer is that this website will become a source of godly counsel and help to parents who are looking for Christian perspectives.  

Help us get the word out! Forward this blog post, tweet about our site, like us on Facebook and share the website with your church groups and friends. Mostly, would you pray for us? Over these past six years we have found that God’s Holy Spirit is our best marketer. He has a way of guiding people to the answers they need.

May this site be a blessing to families and a service to his Kingdom! Now…go take a look at!

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