An exciting Denison Forum update

I used to drink coffee from a mug that read, “The three best things about teaching are…”  and the other side of the mug read, “June, July and August.”  I’ve always loved the summer days because it usually means a slower schedule, more time outdoors and a vacation or two.  

Jim and I took a week off this spring and had a wonderful time in Virginia touring historical landmarks and hiking through some beautiful landscapes.  The rest of the summer, however, is looking pretty busy.  I’m excited to tell you all about an important new endeavor for our ministry.  We have a new website that is coming this Fall called:

I used to teach second grade and have always loved working with children.  More importantly, serving in our ministry for the past several years has caused me to become aware of the changes that are taking place in our culture that relate to children and families.

In many ways, the most important generation our nation has nurtured is the generation that will be buying Ninja Turtle backpacks, crayons and spiral notebooks for school in a few months.  We live in a democracy and that means the popular opinion rules.  The current trends in our culture indicate that when the children who are buying those backpacks today grow up and cast their votes, the country that has been almost a 50/50 voting block for several elections, will have much different percentages.  

I believe one of the most important things that I can do with my time, going forward, is try to provide information that will help parents want to raise their children with Christian values. is going to be an interesting website.  We are going to have “community conversations” so that Christian parents of every age can share advice and ideas with one another.  The website will also feature articles on a variety of parenting issues, from a number of great, Christian authors.

Interestingly, most parents, even those who are not interested in a biblical perspective, want to raise kids that have strong values and character.  My prayer is that moms and dads will find the articles and conversations interesting and, while visiting the website, come to see that biblical values provide the strength and wisdom every parent needs.

I will still be writing my blog posts but, for these three summer months, I am going to send out one post each Wednesday.  I need to write next year’s Bible study on Acts and Ephesians, the Advent book for this coming Christmas season, and a lot of articles for the new parenting website.  

To be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed!  Would you pray?  This new website is a calling, and I use that word honestly.  I have known for some time that I wanted to minister to parents and I know that this website is God’s will and God’s timing.  

I would also like to ask you to sign up, if you would like to, to receive notice when the website is up and running.  I will be asking my readers to forward the website link to parents and encourage them to be involved in the ministry.  I am looking forward to seeing what God will do with and through the articles and conversations provided.

When we were designing the website I pictured moms and dads, up in the middle of the night with a new baby, or sitting in a carpool line, or up late one night with worries – looking on a cell phone, tablet or computer and finding – because God led them there.  Those of us working at the Denison Forum have come to know that if we will work and write faithfully, God will bless and use our efforts.

Thank you all for reading, for caring and for supporting what we do.  One day, on the other side of this life, we will all be most glad for the things we did that mattered eternally.  

If you want to be notified when the new website is ready you can sign up here:

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