Wisdom Matters

A devotion for every day of the year!

Wisdom Matters was written to help people end their day with God. Each short message is a truth from Scripture that can be applied to daily life. 

Reflecting on a few verses from the Bible each evening is the perfect way to close out your day and help prepare you for tomorrow. God’s word never returns void, and when you spend time in his word – even just a few minutes each day – you will begin to see the world and the information around you with God’s biblical perspective.

This resource will…

  • Help you gain biblical wisdom and insight as you reflect on God’s word.
  • Help you make spending time with God a daily discipline.
  • Offer you a truth from Scripture that can be applied to your daily life. 
  • Deepen your walk with God.

So please order your copy of Wisdom Matters, knowing that your donation helps continue creating biblical resources that are grounded in the truth of God’s holy word. 

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