My Time with God

A First15 Devotional for Kids!

Our partner ministries First15 and Christian Parenting surveyed our readers about the need for devotional material for children, and the response was incredible! More people responded to that survey than any survey we’ve ever conducted. 

The results were clear: kids love to connect with God and devotional materials are a must! 

That’s why we created My Time With God! This 20-day devotional helps kids lay a foundation for connecting with the God who loves them. 

My Time with God is a 20 day devotional written for young readers, ages 6-12, to help encourage and equip them to establish a lifetime of learning and walking with God through daily scripture reading and reflection. 

Each day includes scriptures, activities, and prayers to help growing believers learn how to connect more deeply with God and about how spending time with God helps us live the life he’s called us to. 

This is a fun and insightful way for kids to start their school year connecting with the Lord each and every morning, and we are so excited to help the children in your life  do the same! 

P.S. Looking for resources to help your kids spend more time with God and be in his word? We have two devotionals created just for kids! For your donation of $35 or more, we’ll send you two of our kids devotional books, called God’s Holy Spirit in Me and My Time with God. Click here to get your bundle!

Note: We cannot ship outside the United States.

*For orders of 25 or more copies, please email [email protected].