The Life of Jesus: Lessons on Discipleship in the Book of Matthew

Through the book of Matthew, we will study the life of Jesus and the lessons he taught on discipleship. As disciples when we have a close, personal relationship with God, we can help others know and follow Christ as well.

Discipleship should be every believer’s goal, and Jesus is our perfect model for living an earthly life led by our heavenly Father.

The gospel according to Matthew echoes the same invitation to us today that Matthew heard directly from Jesus two thousand years ago. Discipleship is answering the call to “Follow me” just as Matthew answered Jesus affirmatively and wholeheartedly with his entire life.

This study is written to help each of us learn through the pages of Matthew’s gospel how to be a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ and to further the Kingdom of heaven until Jesus returns.

This 24-week study will remind you of the transforming power of Christ in the life of a believer. The remarkable truth of Scripture is that when our hearts are surrendered to his will, God is able to use anyone to fulfill his kingdom purpose. 

We are living in a culture where it is critical as believers to find and use trusted resources that will strengthen and inspire us to live our earthly lives with God’s eternal priorities. And that is what you will find with all the Foundations’ Bible studies!

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What a gift that we have the words of Jesus preserved for us in Scripture and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to empower us daily to live as faithful disciples. We hope you will make discipleship your goal this year and join us in this important Bible study.

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Janet Denison has been writing and teaching Bible study for forty years and is the founder of Foundations with Janet Denison, which exists to teach people about the transforming power of Scripture through digital Bible study.

She is the author of several books and dozens of Bible studies, including:

For forty years Janet has been dedicated to  helping people learn how to study the Bible and apply God’s truth to their lives. For over twenty years, she led a weekly women’s Bible study at Park Cities Baptist Church and continues to speak at churches and community events.

Janet is a graduate of Houston Baptist University and is married to Dr. Jim Denison. They live in Tyler, Texas and have two married sons and four grandchildren.