What Are My Spiritual Gifts?

Do you know your spiritual gifts?

Our partner ministry, Denison Forum, produced What Are My Spiritual Gifts?, a book that offers further insight into seventeen spiritual gifts. 

Included with the book is a free online spiritual gift analysis that will give you immediate results. Once you know your giftings, you can then use the book as a personal resource on how to use your spiritual gifts to serve God and others. 

So please order your copy below — and thank you for your donation to help create more biblical resources, grounded in God’s truth, and make them accessible to anyone with a desire to study and know the word of God.

If you’re a Christian, God has given you spiritual gifts.

Now, how will you share those gifts with others?

NOTE: We are unable to ship outside of the United States. 

About the Author:

Ryan Denison, PhD, is the Senior Editor for Theology at Denison Forum.

Ryan writes The Daily Article every Friday and contributes writing and research to many of the ministry’s productions. He holds a PhD in church history from BH Carroll Theological Institute after having earned his MDiv at Truett Seminary. He’s authored The Path to PurposeWhat Are My Spiritual Gifts?How to Bless God by Blessing Others7 Deadly Sins, and has contributed writing or research to every Denison Forum book.