A Great Calm: Finding God’s Peace When You Need It Most

A Great Calm provides short devotionals based on Scripture that will strengthen your life for the challenges. When the worries come, you can frame those thoughts with the truth of God’s words found in Scripture. Get your copy today!

Storms are a normal occurrence in our lives. Are you prepared? Face your storms with the strength of Scripture.

In this world we will experience a few unavoidable storms. But with the strength of Scripture, you can experience the great calm of Jesus in every circumstance.

Teaching the Bible and being a preacher’s wife for the past four decades have taught me that Scripture is the greatest tool for bringing God into our daily circumstances. God doesn’t want us to live out our lives through a lens of worry or fear. Although living with “no worries” isn’t possible, it is important to make the choice to trust our worries to the One who is able to calm the storms.

This book of devotionals is our gift to thank you for your donation to help us reach more people with biblical resources that are grounded in God’s truth. So please request your copy today.

Thank you for your generosity. I pray this book will help you face your storms with greater courage, more resilient strength, and the great calm of Christ.

It is possible to obey Jesus’ command to “not be anxious about tomorrow.”