The Book of Romans: A Call to Be a Holy People

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Some have described Romans as Paul’s masterpiece, and we think by the end of this study we will all understand why this is true. Romans is lengthy and often studied in sections or in topical studies.

However, there is great merit to looking at Paul’s letter as he intended it to be read—from start to finish.

In many ways, helping believers explain what they believe was the purpose for Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. He also wrote the book of Romans during a time when it was very unpopular to be a Christian. Sound familiar?

We’re living in a time when following Jesus is becoming less and less popular by the day. This is why The Book of Romans: A Call to Be a Holy People is so timely—and important.

When the apostle Paul wrote his epistle to Rome, he had no idea that people would be studying it as Scripture, but God did.

This letter was preserved for all of us, and we know you will be blessed by its teaching!