He Came to Change the World: An Advent Devotional

A Great Calm provides short devotionals based on Scripture that will strengthen your life for the challenges. When the worries come, you can frame those thoughts with the truth of God’s words found in Scripture. Get your copy today!

Experience God’s grace this Advent season

Janet Denison’s books of daily Advent readings have become a mainstay for many Christian families each Christmas season.

And we want to put one of her most beloved Advent books, He Came to Change the World, in your hands today!

Janet’s hope for you as you read He Came to Change the World is that you’ll find many reasons to celebrate God’s goodness and grace as we come to the end of another tumultuous year.

So please request your copy of He Came to Change the World today — and accept it as our way of saying thank you for your gift to help Christians around the world engage with the issues of the day from a biblical perspective.

We pray it’s a tremendous blessing in your life, or in the life of someone you love, this Christmas!

NOTE: We are unable to ship outside of the United States.