My first political mistake!
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How exciting!  I have to send out my first blog “retraction!”  This blogging business is more serious than I knew.  So are politics!  I knew I should have run that blog by Jim before I sent it out!  He reminded me that we are now a 501c3 ministry and therefore we are not supposed to endorse political candidates who are “actually” running for office.  So…I endorsed our good friend, whose name I cannot mention again, who I said would be a GREAT senator, because he would be.  But, I can’t do that.  So this is my first official retraction!  I take it all back.  Well, I deleted it from my blog anyway. 

Now I’m sure I need to run for president.  People say horrible stuff about people and THAT is protected by the first amendment.  But I am not able to endorse a great man for the Senate – so I won’t.  I didn’t – really!

And one more thing…I think this may have happened for a more important reason.  My son, Ryan, has his first radiation treatment at 4:00 today.  Maybe this retraction is about that.  Maybe I am supposed to ask each of you receiving this “retraction” to pray for “radiation.”  Now…I’m glad I was politically incorrect! 

Blessings to all of you!!!

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