Taking a break – with God
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Technically, this is my last Spring Break.  Craig is a senior at Dallas Baptist University and he will graduate this May.  This is his week off, but I thought I would take a break too.  I have work to do – but I can do it away from the office.  So this blog is to announce that I will blog again next week.  Hopefully, I will spend a lot of time this week with a great book, lots of quiet, and plenty of fun moments with my family.  (We just got back from Houston where we celebrated Ryan’s 26th birthday.  He will begin radiation next Tuesday.  Thank you for your prayers…they mean everything!)

Aren’t you glad God created us with the need to rest?  He could have created us with the capacity to work constantly and never need rest and sleep.  God made you to grow weary.  God created the world, but he chose to rest on the seventh day.  If you think about it…God didn’t need to rest, He is God!  He rested to set an example for us.  He set aside a day, made it holy and said “rest.”  You are “wired” by God to need him.

I hope this week, or a time very soon, will provide you with the gift of time off.  Just remember to pack your devotional, your Bible and a desire to spend some quiet time with God.  The Lord said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Exodus 33:14).  I hope you are abundantly aware of God’s Presence with you, all of the time, but especially when you take the time to, “be still and know He is God.” 

I have a friend who said she is taking a “childless” Spring Break this year.  I must say that I like the way she thinks!  This is my last year to have a child with a Spring Break – but I can almost guarantee that I will continue the tradition anyway!  All of us should enjoy the world God has given us, the friends and family that bless our lives, and the joy that comes from resting in the One who created us to do just that! 

May the Lord bless each of you, with his Presence, today and always.   See you next week!

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