Your mailbox – may it rust in peace

The House of Representatives is considering a proposal that would phase out door-to-door mail delivery over the next ten years.  The Postal Reform Act is suggesting a centralized mail delivery system for each neighborhood which would save the US Postal system about 4 billion dollars each year.  I’m thinking we had better start planning to hike down the street every day!  If you have stock in a company that manufactures mailboxes, it might be time to consider selling that stock and buying some in a company that makes good walking shoes – or maybe light weight tote bags.  Our country has a lot of debt, it is time to tighten our belt and our budget.  Why is this story a subject for my blog post?  Because it gives us some new opportunities.

We had a centralized mailbox when we lived in Midland.  It was a great way to meet the neighbors.  I ran into one of them almost every day, getting my mail.  We said hello, shared a brief word on the wind or the weather, smiled at the kids who tagged along – and then went back to our homes.  Not only that, we needed a key to get into our mailbox.  Added security is another reason why the government is considering this move.  The world is changing and our habits will need to change as well.

Some people are upset about this change.  They like the door to door service.  Many of them remember the days when we drove to the “service station” for gasoline.  Someone wearing a hat and a smile said, “What can I do for you today?”  The “servicemen” pumped our gas, washed our windows, checked the oil and the air in the tires.  Some of them even gave out toys, gum or peanut brittle.  (We used to beg Dad to stop at the Stuckeys!)  But, our country can’t afford “service” anymore.  Another opportunity.  Whose mail will you need to pick up on occasion because the walk is difficult or dangerous for them?  Do you know your elderly or ill neighbors that have difficulty with the daily aspects of their lives?  We don’t live in a world of “service” anymore – which means serving others is both needed and noticed.

If you are among the 37.8 million people who receive door-to-door delivery you cost the country $354.02 each year.  If you pick up your letters, bills, catalogs and assorted coupons at the curb, you cost $224.09.  And…those who go to a centralized place in your neighborhood only cost the nation $160.51.  Centralized mail will save the nation 4 billion dollars each year.  In case you haven’t considered how much a “billion” is lately think about this.  The adult heart beats about 100,000 times each day.  Sometime around your 27th birthday, you experienced your one-billionth heartbeat.  Four billion dollars is a LOT of money!  I have a feeling our mailboxes will become a new way to grow a plant or store a flashlight in the days ahead.

I think there are some very positive ways to look at the directions our culture is choosing.  Christianity stands out when Christians do.  There are going to be new needs and new ways for us to serve others in the future.  I think Christians should be the kindest, most giving people in this world.  Will we be taken advantage of?  Absolutely.  But no matter how much you give, you won’t be able to out-give God.  And you will probably be the reason someone comes to understand the love of God and his gift of salvation.  That should be your daily motivation to serve.

May our mailboxes rust in peace – especially if it means our neighbors will one day rest in peace, with God.  What kindness can you do for someone today?  Romans 12:11 says, “Keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”  The best way to have a great day today – is to be a servant to others.  Be watchful.  I’ve prayed that God would use this blog to make us aware of our opportunities.  If He gives you an “appointment to serve” – share it with us in the comment section.  If is always fun to know what Jesus is doing each day – through all of you.

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