Will and Kate are expecting a baby

The world is buzzing with the news of Will and Kate’s pregnancy.  She was admitted to the hospital with morning sickness, and the palace was quick to announce that a new prince or princess is on the way.  There will be no end to the photos and news reports in the coming months!  Will and Kate have been married for 19 months and the world has been watching her waistline since they said, “I do.”  There had been earlier rumors and photographs.  The poor girl probably just had a hamburger and fries a few times or forgot to pack her Spanx and the photos were displayed at every grocery store check out stand.  (Honestly, she is so tiny that even a small indulgence would show up on her frame!)  I’m glad the palace made the report when they did.  Those papers would probably have reported her to be on her death bed two days from now!  I remember morning sickness…she may be thinking those very thoughts right now! 

Prince William’s baby will be a prince or a princess, and a candidate for the throne of England.  Very soon the English Parliament will pass a law stating that gender is no longer an issue in the succession to the throne.  This baby is headed for a crown one day!   Will and Kate’s lives are going to change in almost every way – and I’m happy for them.  A baby changes everything! 

That was especially true for Mary and Joseph.  Mary wasn’t married when she found out she was going to have a baby.  Joseph knew he wasn’t the father of the baby his betrothed was carrying.  But God made sure they both understood that He was the Creator Father, and the baby was the promised Messiah.  Mary’s baby was going to change the world – and Joseph would be faithful to God and take care of Mary so the Messiah would have a home.   

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{/source}Will and Kate’s baby will be heralded throughout the world.  God’s Son was heralded by angels – to shepherds in a field.  This new royal baby will be given the finest of everything.  The Prince of Peace was placed in a feed trough and wrapped in swaddling.  The world will know about Will and Kate’s baby shortly after it is born.  Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago, and there are still so many that need to hear about their King.

Will and Kate’s baby may be a king someday.  Mary and Joesph’s baby has been the King of Kings since the beginning of time.  There will be a lot of people talking this week about the new baby and the many ways this child could change a country.  I hope those conversations will remind people of the Christmas child, and the many ways his birth changed the world. 

One of my favorite Christmas songs is titled, “A Baby Changes Everything” by Faith Hill.  I’ll keep my words short so you can take time to watch the video.  I hope the lyrics of this song will remind you of the royal baby in the manger.  Will and Kate’s baby will be making headlines, but Jesus is “the good news of great joy, that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10).  The baby in the Bethlehem manger, changed everything!

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