Whom should you help?

As a teacher of God’s word, that is the only truth I can give my readers. You are responsible to pray and ask God what He wants you to give and to whom you should give. On this North Texas Giving Day, I would ask you to pray and then obey the Holy Spirit’s direction. This occasion offers many wonderful organizations that you can help today; the Denison Forum is one of them.

If you read this blog you are familiar with our ministry. For six years, God has blessed our work and our words. Our statistics prove that. But we also engage with many emails, letters, and personal conversations that assure us that God is using our ministries to impact people’s lives across the world for the sake of his Kingdom purpose. That is our job and our calling. Each of us who serves this ministry feels privileged to work hard every day.

I can honestly say that, if you give to our ministry, your money is used to send God’s word into the world. Our words are designed to strengthen God’s people with information and inspiration. We want to help our readers know God at the deepest levels and serve him more fully with their lives. There isn’t a greater need in our world today. In fact, that has been man’s greatest need since the Garden of Eden.

We come to work each day because we know that the most important thing we can do for our country and our culture is to call Christians to a renewed sense of God’s purpose and plan for their lives. The changes we want to see will happen when God sees the changes He wants to see. Our job is to speak that message with theological accuracy and creativity so that God can use our message in people’s lives.

We use the Internet, which means we can communicate to the world with great ease. The money you give funds the technology, the office, and the staff. I can say this without reservation: giving to our ministry gets you “a lot of bang for your buck.” (One of my dad’s favorite sayings!)

We have a new website rolling out shortly, ChristianParenting.org. We desire that site to become a community for Christian parents who want to raise their children to know, serve, and love God. We also want to develop a very important website, which will exist to help strengthen the church leaders in our culture. It is this site that we pray will begin to multiply the true mission and message for God’s church to those who staff those institutions. We believe the church will encounter significant changes in the coming years. We want to help those in leadership to be spiritually and theologically prepared and supported by the content on this site.

These two new sites require us to pray for and seek additional help for our budget. So, would you pray, and ask God if he is calling you to give to the Denison Forum? Giving is easy today but we will ask again at the end of the year if now is not a good time for you. We do need some extra financial help right now, but we trust that God is going to lead and provide for the people who are supposed to give that help.

We will use your gifts for the glory of God and for his Kingdom purpose. That is our commitment to our donors and, most importantly, our commitment to God. Thank you for reading, for forwarding our words to others, and for giving financially. We are privileged to serve the Lord with you.

North Texas Giving Day - Get Up and Give!

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