Why Did Jesus Choose to Become a Baby?

Christmas could have been a celebration of an inauguration or some other grand event. Jesus could have stepped into this world any way he chose, but he chose to become an infant. Why did the Creator create the Christmas story with such creative details? I think God wanted us to know how to recognize him.

As I sit and “create” this blog post, I can choose my subject, my words, and my emphasis. God chose to announce his Son to shepherds. He chose two faithful people who weren’t yet fully married. He chose a busy time when the inns would be crowded with people. He chose a stable. Each detail of the Christmas story provides a glimpse of God himself.

God loves his creation with an unfathomable, unconditional love. The shepherds were not the impressive people in the culture, but God gave them the most impressive story the world would ever hear.

God could have chosen anyone to bear and raise his Son, but the only essential quality was faithfulness.

God could have stepped into the world at any time but chose a time of census. The government was counting people so that the crowds could be taxed, but God gave his Son so that everyone would know he counted them worthy.

God could have chosen to surround himself with glory but chose instead to surround himself with humility.

The Christmas story was created to reveal the Creator so that his creation could know him. God so loved everyone that he counted them worthy of his one and only Son so that anyone who would humble themselves and be faithful to receive his salvation would have everlasting life (John 3:16).

Whatever your circumstances are this Christmas and whatever plans you have made, you are invited to the stable so that you can spend time with God. The most profound gift any of us will open this year will be the moment we open our hearts, once again, to receive our infant King. Jesus chose to become a baby so you and I could choose to become God’s newborn children.

We are abundantly, completely blessed because we know God and the true meaning of Christmas. May your Christmas be filled with the joy only God can create and may knowing him be your most valuable gift of the season and the coming year.

I wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas!