Some American quarantine positives

Everyone in my family is COVID-19 free and doing well. That enables me to find a few “bright sides” in this time of quarantine a little easier than some. 

I’m really starting to miss a few things, but I’ve also noticed a few things I am really enjoying about these days.

Creativity abounds in this country 

A lot of my phone messages are hysterical these days! 

They come with pictures and video clips that have been created to make us laugh during this COVID quarantine. Granted, some use this for political fodder, but most are about masks, distancing, cures for boredom, and other COVID-created topics. 

My friend sent me the famous self-portrait painting of Van Gogh, depicting him with a hanging mask. (Remember: he cut off one of his ears.) It was funny! 

I’ve also enjoyed the pictures of people going through the supermarket in hazmat suits made from shower curtains, facemasks made out of just about anything, and other funny pics. Most come with great one-liners, and many are just laugh-out-loud moments. 

It just feels great to laugh! 

My husband, Jim, did a Daily Article on Some Good News with John Krasinski. Those clips are definitely not intended to be Christian devotions, but I’ve watched all of the episodes and have enjoyed them very much. 

Most of the time, Americans have a great spirit about this crisis, and many have used this time in some wonderfully creative ways. 

Freedom to think and freedom to create ideas is a great gift. It is fun to see so many using their freedom well. 

Kindness is still a core value for most Americans 

Politics aside—okay, politics way aside—Americans value those who are kind to others. 

We applaud the people who are sacrificing their lives, their bank accounts, their savings, their time, and even their personal ambitions to use this time to be kind to others. 

The reminder for all of us today is, “Have we done more than just applaud?” 

The book of James reminds us to be “doers” of the word, not just “hearers.” Paul told the Ephesian church to “be kind to one another” (Ephesians 4:32). 

If all of us were required to do at least one act of kindness each day, how would that change the world? 

Kindness is a high and worthy standard for the Christian life, and one that our country still applauds. 

Hard work is still an American ambition 

The problems a lot of mayors and governors are facing today are not because people don’t want to work; it’s because they do. 

Working is so much of what our lives are about, especially if our work is also our calling. Most Americans like to have things and don’t mind working to get them. Most want to “have” so they also have something to give. Our church staff members are working hard to understand how they can open the doors for worship, for everyone who wants to participate. 

There are a lot of creative, hard-working people who will figure out how to stay safe, keep others safe, and still get people back to their paychecks. We just can’t put our paychecks ahead of our love for others. We can sacrifice a lot, just not a life. 

Philippians 2:3 says, “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Paul’s words are perfect for these unique days in our country. Isn’t it amazing how that verse illustrates the enduring truth of God’s word? 

Humility and putting others first has always been God’s standard, and COVID-19 has served as a daily reminder that his enduring standards are high, holy, and for the benefit of everyone. 

Working hard is an important American value. 

Working hard to put others first is a high Christian value as well. 

More quarantine positives 

  • Walking through the neighborhood and waving at people I’ve never seen before.
  • Eating three meals a day with Jim.
  • Not eating a meal, once in a while, with Jim. (Let’s just call this appreciating solitude.)
  • FaceTiming with my grandkids.
  • Time to read lots of novels. 
  • New opportunities to share a word about Jesus with people.
  • An increased awareness for most Americans, that we aren’t the ones who rule the world.

An eternal positive 

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I am a huge fan of King Solomon’s wisdom. I rediscovered a verse from the book of Ecclesiastes. That book contains Solomon’s mature perspectives he recorded at the end of his life. 

Life is full of many seasons, and wisdom is a blessed perspective for every moment of life. 

King Solomon would teach us to see these COVID days with a wise and godly focus, remembering, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). 

One day we will all look back at these days from a place of time and wisdom and view our COVID crisis as a time of blessing as well. God has always done what is best “from beginning to the end.” 

America will figure it out—especially if Christian Americans allow God to convey his holy perspective to our hearts and minds. 

Your chance to share some ideas 

I would like for all of you to use the comment section of this article to let us know your favorite quarantine moments. 

(By the way, we fixed the “comment button” so this should work now. Sorry about that last week.) 

What has this time provided you that you will remember as a blessing? 

Thank you for reading this blog post each week. 

I’m blessed to know I have brothers and sisters out there who I will spend all of eternity getting to know.  For now, I will enjoy reading your comments.

Have a great week.