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My husband and I were doing some last-minute cleaning for the holiday when I said, “Didn’t we just put up this Christmas tree?” 

He responded, “Wasn’t it just Halloween!” 

For the two of us, 2023 was a blur of changes. 

We are looking forward to a much calmer 2024. (At least that’s the hope!)

A year of change

A year ago, our personal lives were very different. We woke up at a home we loved in Dallas last January. This January we are waking up in a home we love in Tyler, TX. It would be impossible to describe the months it took to make all the necessary changes, but I can say with the angel Gabriel, “With God all things are possible.” 

God led and we followed. Whatever the Lord has planned for 2024, we are ready. 

(Although, I am praying for a little more rest in the year ahead!) 

Some things remain the same

Everyone I know who’s passed their sixtieth birthday has said, “The older we get, the faster the months fly by.” 

I have made it a point in life to pay attention to anything that everyone says and count it as truth. I’m glad that I did. The wisdom I gained from listening to friends who were older inspired many of our choices last year. 

Our personal life had some major adjustments last year, but our ministry is still very much the same. In fact, this move has enabled us to enjoy a somewhat slower pace of life and spend more time with God and his word. 

We are excited for the projects the Lord has called us to in the coming year. I have already finished the Advent book for Christmas 2024! You will hear about that next October—which will be here before we know it! 

The project I am working on now is born from all my years in ministry. 

I wrote a book that was published by Tyndale in 2008 titled Content to be Good, Called to be Godly. I used to do radio interviews for this book and was often asked why I wrote it. My response was to say that I had been in ministry for twenty-five years and this book was born from the experiences I had lived and learned from along the way. 

To sum it up, I felt like God’s people had grown content to be “good enough” while God had called us to higher standards for our faith. I’ve been in ministry for more than forty years now and, in some ways, that one idea has been behind most of what I have been called to write or speak about. 

So, I will spend this next season of ministry turning my first book into a workbook that will combine Bible study with the practical application of God’s word to our lives. I’m not sure what I will title this workbook yet, but it will be a rewrite of that earlier book with additional Bible study added in. 

I’m excited to devote time to this project and whatever else God guides me toward this year. Jim and I are committed to allowing God to lead. The Lord continues to bless and guide our work, and we are amazed and humbled that he uses his word and our work to reach millions of people each year. 

Will you help us? 

There are a lot of statistics I could list right now, but instead I’d ask you to follow this link to see all of that information from our 2022 impact report. Our statistics have grown even more in this last year!

Every ministry is asking for help right now, and we are too. Why should you give to us? 

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We are able to provide our materials for free and our printed materials at cost because people like you choose to help. The last few years have been more difficult. The cost of paper and printing has dramatically increased. Truthfully, the cost of almost everything has increased. 

Maybe you are someone who reads this on a regular basis but hasn’t felt led to give in the past. Maybe you have been a faithful donor to this ministry from its beginning, almost fifteen years ago! We truly need your help for next year’s budget. I can honestly say, we will honor and use every dollar given as we submit our plans to the Lord’s. 

If you can give, we would be very grateful. We make it easy to do by using this link, or you can send a check to: 

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Will you help us do that? 

I am grateful to serve you and the Lord through this blog post, through Bible studies, through Wisdom Matters, through speaking and teaching, and through this new workbook project that will be completed this year. 

Thank you for every gift. Thank you for serving God, this ministry, and others. 

May 2024 be filled with the blessings of walking with God for his kingdom purpose.


Oh sing to the Lord a new song;
    sing to the Lord, all the earth!
Sing to the Lord, bless his name;
    tell of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations,
    his marvelous works among all the peoples!

(Psalm 96:1–3)


Happy New Year. And again, thank you for helping!