’Tis the day after Christmas

’Tis the day after Christmas and as I study my house
There’s a bib attached to the stuffed Mickey Mouse.
The slinky dog’s batteries are running quite low
And the remote-control car is refusing to go.

The refrigerator is packed with yesterday’s food
And I’m supposed to cook meals today that are good.
The trash can outside just fell in the wind.
That’s one more chore I’ve got to attend.

The roar of excitement has quietly dulled.
Another holiday is over and a day to be mulled.
Family is everything and I’m feeling blessed.
Who cares if my house is overly messed!

For now, I’ll drink coffee and smile at the grands
And enjoy the newborn I hold in my hands.
This is why God created us to love.
This chaos is heaven, until I’m above.

I hope your Christmas was abundantly filled.
And now that the chaos is somewhat stilled,
Take a moment to pray and thank God for the grace
That provides heaven on earth ’til we live in that place.

Merry day after Christmas!
I wish you joy and peace in the coming New Year.