Small Things That Aren’t

Everyone in Dallas was talking about the hug. 

The video has been seen around the world by millions of viewers. Much has been said about the story, but I wanted to write about that hug and why the moment was so powerful. 

I believe we saw Jesus manifested in that hug. 

I think a grieving, eighteen-year-old brother allowed himself to be led by the Holy Spirit and we were given a video of Jesus at work in our world. 

Didn’t you sense the power of that moment? 

It was just a hug, except that it wasn’t. 

The arms of Christ 

Many people, both Christians and non-Christians, wanted to talk about the hug. 

Almost everyone felt the power of the moment, but not everyone understood the source of that power. 

We watched Jesus use a brother’s arms, a brother’s words, and a brother’s love to reveal his Presence. People saw Jesus in that moment, even if they didn’t realize that is who they were watching. 

It’s so important we notice the Holy Spirit at work in the world. I think we can see Jesus at work every day, if we simply watch for him. Jesus never ended his earthly ministry. He continues to work today, through the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus wants to use your arms, your words, and your love to manifest his Presence. There are powerful moments ahead in our lives if we will yield ourselves to his Holy Spirit. 

The small things that aren’t 

I attended The Promise this weekend in Glen Rose, Texas. It is a beautiful production about the life of Christ. But I thought about something that night that inspired this blog post. 

Two thousand years later, everything we know Jesus did on earth is studied, preached about, noticed, and proclaimed. Interestingly, very little of his ministry involved huge crowds of people. Most of his miracles were known by only a few, who would speak of them later: 

  • Jesus healed a man who was lame. 
  • Jesus caused a blind man to see. 
  • A woman touched his robe and was cured. 
  • Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and her life was changed. 
  • Jesus taught his disciples but focused on an inner circle of twelve. 

Most of Jesus’ life was spent in the small area around the Sea of Galilee, far away from the crowds. 

Jesus chose to enter the world before the internet and TV did. Jesus chose to do most of his ministry in small, unnoticed moments. 

Is that our great example today? 

What is Jesus doing today? 

Are we watching for Jesus to enter a room today? 

Do we notice Jesus hugging a person? 

Do we hear Jesus speak to a person? 

Do we see Jesus show his love in the random moments? 

Or do we tend to notice his people instead? 

Are we looking for Jesus in the big arenas but missing his daily presence in the small moments? 

Jesus told his disciples, “A little while, and you will see me no longer; and again a little while, and you will see me” (John 16:16). 

We tend to read John 16 and think only about Jesus’ death and resurrection. The disciples did see Jesus again, after his resurrection. 

But, what do those words mean to his disciples today? 

Jesus said, “You will see me.” 

Was he only talking about those days right after his resurrection? 

You can see Jesus today 

Earlier in that chapter, Jesus told his disciples, “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.  He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you” (John 16:13–15). 

When we see the Holy Spirit at work, we see Jesus. When we saw that young man wrap his arms around the woman who shot and killed his brother, we saw Jesus at work in our world. 

Jesus said, “You will see me.” 

We did. 

Jesus, at work in you 

If you had the chance to introduce someone to Jesus today, is there anything that would keep you from that opportunity? 

You can help people see Jesus. 

Anytime the Holy Spirit works through you, people will see Jesus. They might not realize it and you might not realize it, but we should. 

Jesus told his disciples, “You will see me.” 

Look for the small things that aren’t 

Jesus did most of his ministry in a small region of the world, with individuals or a small group of individuals. His works have become known to the whole world, but he didn’t do them in front of the whole world. I think Jesus works in those same ways today—through his Holy Spirit. 

We tend to look for “great” things or “big” things we can do for the Lord. Chances are, the Holy Spirit will be at work in the small things, those things we do through the Lord. 

It won’t be the book you write; it will be the email. It won’t be the huge event you plan; it will be the dinner invitation you extend. It won’t be the hundreds or thousands that hear you; it will be the one. 

Whom will you hug this week with the arms of Christ? 

That will never be a small thing because people will see Jesus in that moment. 

Will you ask Jesus to minister through you today?