Looking forward to God’s plans

The first questions Christians should ask about the new year should be directed toward our heavenly Father:

  • Father, what do you have planned for 2023?
  • Lord, what are the areas for spiritual growth I should focus on this year?
  • God, you know what the future holds. How should I adjust my life to be ready?
  • Jesus, whom are you calling me to shepherd or influence this next year?
  • Creator God, what are your high and holy goals for me in 2023?

We will look forward to 2023 with joy and anticipation if we see it as time spent with God as we honor and accomplish his purpose in our lives. 

The news vs. the Good News

Television news advises us to think about inflation, upcoming political changes, and how our lives might be impacted by other countries’ choices. It all sounds a bit overwhelming until we realize Who holds the world in his hand. 

It’s good to be aware of world news, but it’s important to govern our lives according to the Good News. The gospel message is the truth that defines our values, our hopes, and our futures. 

Nothing will happen next year that God does not cause or allow. Nothing will happen next year that God cannot bless or redeem for his higher purpose. That said, God accomplishes much of his will for our world by using those who walk according to his plans rather than their own.  

Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lᴏʀᴅ establishes his steps.” It’s always been true that people make plans, but the success of our plans will depend on whether or not we have submitted our plans to God’s will.

Christians have been created to accomplish great things

It is impossible to know what God has planned for 2023, but it is possible to know we are to play an important role in whatever those plans will be. 

Ephesians 2:10 reminds us, “We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” 

God already knows what we will accomplish next year that will serve his kingdom purpose for our lives. We just need to walk with Jesus so that we can walk in God’s perfect plans.

Looking forward to God’s plans

We can look forward to 2023 because God is in charge of the future and there are a LOT of God’s people who stand ready to allow their lives to be his “workmanship.” There are good works to accomplish that God will reveal as we walk with him. 

I hope you have been able to download the Foundations app (all Android users can click here to download the app) that will enable you to receive Wisdom Matters on your cell phone each evening. It is our gift to each of you and anyone else who wants it. 

I wanted to help people spend—and end—each day with a word from God. This world doesn’t make it easy for us to focus on God’s priorities. I hope receiving a short message from God’s word each evening will quiet the roar of the world and help us submit our lives to the higher truths of the Bible. “At the end of the day . . . wisdom matters.” 

Together, we’re accomplishing good work

Finally, it is the end of the year, and, as always, it is time for me to ask all of you who read this blog post to consider helping our ministry do what we do.  

God’s word is the foundation for our lives, for our walk with God. I serve this ministry because I know God has called me to produce content that helps people apply God’s word of truth to their daily lives. God’s word is always our best counsel, our best advice, and our best guidance, and I want to help people come to know and trust God in deep, life-transforming ways. 

Every gift matters. Your gift matters. And we serve a God who blesses us now and eternally for living his high calling for our lives. We are “God’s workmanship,” and we have been re-created by our faith in Christ Jesus to do “good works.” 

I won’t share our statistics, but they tell one simple story: We are helping a LOT of people know God, trust Jesus, and walk with him in their daily lives. Will you help us accomplish our good work

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I, and all of us who serve at Denison Ministries, are grateful to those of you who make our ministry possible!  

I wish ALL of you a blessed 2023!
God’s plan is perfect, and we look forward to seeing it unfold.
With gratitude . . .