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You might have been reading this blog for years, but maybe you don’t know my faith story.

I was about ten years old when I ran over a little book with my bicycle. I hopped off my bike to get a closer look. The cover was torn off, but the first page said something like, “If you want to be sure you are going to heaven . . . .”  

I rode around that park several times waiting to see if someone was going to return for their book.  After a while, I decided no one was coming for it, so I put that Bible tract in my pocket and rode home.

I have no idea if that is the day I became a Christian, but it could be. I had been raised to know who Jesus was, and I’d attended the classes at our church. I was sprinkled, congratulated, and sent home with a certificate.

I do know this: After I took that Bible tract home and read it cover to cover, I prayed the prayer of salvation printed on the last page. I wanted to be sure I was going to heaven. I either became a Christian that day, or I settled the choice in my own heart and mind.

I wish I knew what happened to that Bible tract. It got lost along the way. But, I’m grateful God drew my attention to that little book lying on the ground.  

When I was first drawn into God’s word

My dad worked for IBM. One day, during my sophomore year of high school, Dad came home and announced he had accepted a job in the Los Angeles area. While my friends were ordering their class rings, I was packing up my bedroom to move.

My youth pastor bought me a copy of The Living Bible, which had just been published. He had all the kids in the youth department write me a note on the back of the cover. He presented it to me and suggested I read the book of John first.

I sat on the curb as our furniture was being loaded into the moving van, and I read the gospel of John from The Living Bible. It was the first time I had read Scripture from anything other than the King James Version. I remember being drawn into God’s word and the story of Christ. The book of John helped my fifteen-year-old soul face forward with hope, as I considered starting over again in a new place.

Forty-five years later I want to pay it forward.

I’ve written a new book titled Jesus: Got Questions?

Now, the girl who sat on the curb reading the gospel of John has written a little book that will help kids come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I’ve taught Bible for a lot of years now, and I’ve often been asked questions about Scripture and the Christian faith. Jesus: Got Questions? provides answers to the things children most frequently ask about the Bible and includes an NIV version of the gospel of John.

In fact, I answered all the questions using age-appropriate vocabulary and quoting verses from the gospel of John so the kids could look up the Scripture themselves.

Sometimes I like to picture myself in heaven, meeting the person who dropped that Bible tract. Or maybe it’s the person who handed it to someone who later rejected it and threw it on the ground. I want to say thank you to whomever it was that helped a ten-year-old girl be sure she was going to heaven.  

I can’t remember my youth pastor’s name, but I look forward to telling him what his gift meant to a teenager who was feeling lost and overwhelmed with her circumstances. The book of John made all the difference that day.

I’ve been writing this blog for several years, and this is the first time I can remember asking my readers to help me with a project. But, this project is worthy of our best efforts. I prayed my way through each word. I chose phrases, thoughts, and theology with the help of God’s Holy Spirit. I didn’t want to write the answers; I needed him to author each word. And I believe He did!

How you can help share Jesus: Got Questions?

Jesus: Got Questions? is a little book that can lead a child to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I’ve answered questions, and I’ve asked the reader if he or she wants to be sure about going to heaven. I’ve provided a prayer they can use to ask God for their salvation in Christ and the help they need to understand what they are doing at that moment.

ChristianParenting.org, our parenting website, in partnership with the Pocket Testament League, is giving copies of these gospels to anyone who wants to request them. This is a step of faith on our part, but we know that God has a plan for this little book.

We are sending ten copies of Jesus: Got Questions?, along with ten copies of Amy Simmons’ booklet, Amazing Grace.

We are asking people to share them with the children in their families and then teach their children to share the remaining copies with others. Kids are natural evangelists, and this will help them share their faith with confidence.

If you would like to order copies, you can click here.

But, if you have raised your kids, would you help me give this away to others?

We have reprogrammed the donate button from this site to send money for a while to fund this project. These little Bibles with Q&As cost less than fifty cents per copy and there are shipping costs. Still, this project gives a lot with our dollars. My husband and I have given the first gift. I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wasn’t willing to give toward myself.  

Our hope is to provide these to Vacation Bible schools, Christian camps, church groups, and to kids like I was, maybe just riding their bicycle through the park. I rarely ask for help—but can you pray about helping with this?  

All donations given for a while on JanetDenison.com will be used to print these little gospels.  

Pray that God draws a child to every copy, and then draws them to their salvation in Christ. I believe he will!   

Thank you for praying, and, if possible, for giving. I will keep you posted on the progress!

You can order and donate here.