A Blog Break

Our brains only weigh three pounds, but they contain 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections. The creative power of God is immeasurable and we are made in his image. There are times in life when we need our brains to function with as many of those neurons and connections as possible! This is one of those times for me.

Our brains have two sides. One side is more analytical while the other side is more creative. People use the words left-brained or right-brained like they use left-handed or right handed. I read an interesting article that said scientists have proven that we use both sides of our brain, all the time. We aren’t who we are because one side of our brain is stronger than the other, we simply choose to use one side more than the other. (Helpful hint: The Alzheimer Association suggests we find ways to exercise both sides, so that both stay strong.)

Every summer I take a few weeks off from my blog. The most difficult task I undertake each summer is writing about 25 lessons for the Bible studies that I teach. It’s hard for me to write Bible study and do much of anything else. I need both sides of my brain to work equally and to work overtime during these weeks!

So, I am going to stop as much of my regular life as possible so that I can study, think, pray and write. It’s the only way I get the Bible study accomplished. As a result, your inbox will be missing a blog post for a few Wednesdays. (If your inbox is like mine, it can probably use the rest too!)

Instead of reading a blog post on Wednesday morning, I would love to ask you, my readers, to use those few moments each week to pray for me. I need God’s thoughts, God’s purpose and God’s direction for every lesson. I feel overwhelmed every time I attempt this project and that’s a good thing. I need to remember the reason I feel like I can’t do this job, is because I can’t; but I also know God can. I know that God honors and works through the genuine prayers of righteous people. The Bible study will be easier for me to write, if you all will pray.

I love sharing blog thoughts with all of you, so I will be back. But, peace, quiet and rest are good for all of us. This break can be a blessing for everyone. Reading and comprehending words use the left side of the brain. Creating thoughts, words and prayers use the right side. So, these Wednesdays off will be a good time to give that other side of your brain a workout.

In fact, it might be fun for you to use the comment section to write for one another. Just leave this blog post in your inbox and click on the comment box each week to send your creative thoughts to my mailing list. If you use Facebook, use our page to share what God has spoken to you that week.

I will get quiet for a few weeks, but I would enjoy hearing what God says to you! Thank you all for your faithfulness to our ministry. We know many of you are praying for us and we are grateful. We write “words” and ask God to use them. Our greatest joy in ministry is knowing that the Lord often uses our work to work in the lives of others. Thank you for helping us accomplish and fulfill our calling. Our ministry exists because of the generosity of our people. I hope we say, “thank you” often enough, to all of you.

I’ll be back in a few weeks. I wish God’s rich blessings for all of you, with gratitude.